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Agde and Cap d’Agde, the ideal destination for your camping vacation in Hérault

Nestled on a promontory formed by an ancient lava flow descending from the majestic Mont Saint-Loup, Cap d’Agde offers a unique seaside experience. Initiated in the 1970s, this seaside resort has metamorphosed into a renowned tourist jewel on the Mediterranean coast. Boasting a vast marina, numerous leisure activities and a naturist district, Cap d’Agde will appeal to travelers in search of escape. The sunshine and 14 kilometers of sandy beaches make it an ideal destination for families, young people and couples alike.

Agde’s history dates back 2500 years, when the Phocaeans founded the town under the name of Agathé Tyché, meaning “good fortune”. Since ancient times, Agde has been a haven for navigators, who could spot the course thanks to the distinctive silhouette of Mont Saint-Loup. The Musée de l’Éphèbe is brimming with evidence of this era, recalling the region’s rich maritime history.

In the 17th century, Cardinal de Richelieu foresaw Agde’s maritime potential and launched an ambitious port project. A breakwater was to link the cape to Brescou Island to form a large harbor, but the work was abandoned when he died. However, this episode underlines the region’s age-old attraction for maritime projects.

In the 1970s, as part of the development of tourism on the Languedoc coast, the construction of the Cap d’Agde seaside resort was initiated. Today, Cap d’Agde is one of the most popular resorts in Occitanie, attracting visitors with its unique blend of modernity and history.

Since 1970, the Cap d’Agde resort has been making the most of its exceptional location on the Mediterranean coast. With eight marinas accommodating up to 1,750 boats, the resort offers an ideal setting for boating enthusiasts. Whether you’re passionate about history, water sports or relaxing by the sea, Cap d’Agde promises an unforgettable experience for a vacation full of diversity and escape.

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What to see in Agdeduring your cottageparks camping vacation

Welcome to Agde, a Mediterranean destination with timeless charm, where history blends harmoniously with contemporary pleasures. If you choose to stay at an eco-chic cottageparks campsite, prepare yourself for an immersive experience that combines outdoor relaxation with cultural discovery.

To discover Agde, why not start by exploring the Old Town, where the cobbled streets take you back through the centuries. Stroll around Place du Griffe and admire the medieval architecture. Don’t miss Saint-Étienne Cathedral, a magnificent Romanesque church dating back to the 12th century. The picturesque atmosphere of the old town makes for a charming and authentic getaway.
In the heart of the historic center, in a Renaissance townhouse, you can visit the Musée Jules Baudou, founded in 1935, dedicated to the history of the town of Agde and the daily lives of its inhabitants.

Another visit highly recommended by the cottageparks campsite teams is to the sublime Château Laurens. After many years of neglect and then renovation, this art-deco gem with its surprising architecture, flamboyant colors and eclectic inspirations is sure to amaze and delight. Open to visitors since June 2023, occasional events are also organized here, so don’t hesitate to consult the program.

If you love history and want to know even more about Agde and its various districts (La Tamarissière, Le Grau d’Agde, Le Cap d’Agde), the tourist office regularly organizes fascinating guided tours on these different themes. You’ll love the big story and the little anecdotes.

You can’t discover Agde without mentioning its singular link with water. In fact, the Hérault River flows through the town, where it empties into the Mediterranean. But did you know that Agde is also crossed by the Canal du Midi, the work of Pierre-Paul Riquet (a native of nearby Béziers) linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean? Its round lock in Agde is the only one still in operation in France. This unique river traffic circle is well worth a visit. A must for nature lovers and sailors alike. Rent a bike or a barge for a day along this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Finally, immerse yourself in the daily life of Agde and its terroir by visiting the local markets. The Thursday morning market on the banks of the Hérault in Agde is a must. Explore the colorful stalls of local produce, from fresh seafood to Mediterranean delights.

On the Hérault, depending on the current program, don’t miss the free musical concerts organized by the municipality on the floating stage, as well as the jousting competitions. Jousting is a fascinating Mediterranean tradition that transports spectators to another time, offering a unique and exhilarating experience. This ancestral practice consists of nautical competitions in which riders, armed with spears, compete on board boats. The balance between equestrian skill, precision and agility on the water creates a breathtaking spectacle. The jousts captivate with their blend of tradition, skill and dynamism, offering visitors a lively immersion in the rich heritage of the Mediterranean. In Agde, this vibrant and authentic activity is a must, inviting tourists to discover the very essence of local culture while experiencing unforgettable moments at the water’s edge.

A camping holiday in Agde offers you the chance to fully immerse yourself in the heritage and natural beauty of this sunny region. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover or simply looking for a relaxing break, Agde will meet all your expectations for a memorable vacation. Enjoy the warm welcome of this Mediterranean destination where adventure and serenity meet in harmony.

Things to do in Cap d’Agdeduring your cottageparks camping vacation

Welcome to Cap d’Agde, a Mediterranean gem that combines the natural charm of its golden beaches with lively city life. If you choose to stay at eco-chic cottageparks, get ready for an adventure where outdoor relaxation meets a multitude of stimulating activities. Here we go!

A renowned seaside resort means sunny beaches. Cap d’Agde offers 14 kilometers of fine sandy beaches caressed by the Mediterranean sun: la roquille, rochelongue, le môle, la tamarissière… and the best-known, Plage Richelieu and Plage de la Grande Conque. The latter, formed at the time of the region’s volcanic activity, is admirable for its black sand and basalt rocks. All are perfect for a lazy day, a refreshing dip in the sea or even water sports. Pedalos, sea kayaks, boat trips, scuba diving… the choice is yours!

Another must at Cap d’Agde is a stroll along the marina, the very heart of the seaside resort, with its varied shops, bars and restaurants.
During your stroll, discover the Iconic district, the newest part of the seaside resort, which proudly welcomes you on arrival with its Casino, Palais des Congrès, Tourist Office, accommodation, restaurants and shops. Its recent architecture subtly recalls the curves of the Mediterranean waves.
Finish your tour with a visit to the Musée de l’éphèbe. This underwater archaeology museum lets you discover the history of the city of Agde through the sublime underwater remains found over the years. Over the past twenty-five years, excavations in the Hérault delta have yielded a wealth of treasures, which have been brought together here to provide an insight into the history of navigation since Antiquity. Amidst the works of art, the magnificent Ephèbe d’Agde, a Hellenistic bronze statue fortunately recovered in 1964, sparkles.

In addition to the Casino, Cap d’Agde is also renowned for its nightclubs, including the Amnésia, which plays host to all the top international DJs every year. A must for party-goers and electronic music fans. For families, the Aqualand water park with its 14 slides and attractions is another major asset for a dose of adrenalin and family fun. In the evening, the Luna Park funfair will delight young and old alike, with a wide choice of attractions. A mini-golf course is also nearby. Many restaurants and bars offer live concerts during the summer season. The perfect way to liven up your vacation evenings.

Cap d’Agde is also a sporting destination, with its 27-hole International Golf Course, its highly reputed International Tennis Center and the many special events organized throughout the year.

Cap d’Agde attracts nature lovers with the diversity of its landscapes, highlighting two natural gems: the Bagnas Nature Reserve and the majestic Mont Saint-Loup. The Bagnas Nature Reserve, an unspoilt haven of peace, offers footpaths through marshes, lagoons and dunes. It’s a sanctuary for wildlife lovers, with an abundance of migratory birds and unique Mediterranean flora. ADENA, in charge of managing this protected natural site, offers regular guided tours to learn all about the flora and fauna present on site. Mont Saint-Loup dominates the horizon, offering breathtaking panoramas of the Mediterranean Sea and the town of Agde. Hikers will be rewarded with a breathtaking view after an invigorating ascent. In harmony with sea and land, Cap d’Agde offers visitors an authentic natural experience, blending the serenity of the nature reserve with the powerful energy of Mont Saint-Loup, making this destination an ode to unspoilt natural beauty.

And what about the naturist district? And yes, despite the many other assets mentioned above, Cap d’Agde is still best known for its naturist district with its sulphurous reputation. But as you can see, there’s much more to Cap d’Agde than its Naturist Village, which represents only a tiny part of its territory. Access to the naturist section of Cap d’Agde is regulated, supervised and fee-paying. So there’s no risk of landing there against your will, or running into naked people in the rest of the resort. On the contrary, a stay in Cap d’Agde can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy exhilarating excursions in the heart of this magical village, where a spirit of freedom reigns…

When you stay at an eco-chic campsite in Cap d’Agde, you’re in for a seaside getaway rich in activity diversity. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, aquatic adventure, cultural exploration or culinary delights, this Mediterranean destination has everything to make your vacation unforgettable. Enjoy the best of outdoor camping with Cottageparks while exploring the treasures of Cap d’Agde, where every day offers a new adventure to discover.

Agde and Cap d’Agdenot-to-be-missed events all year round


  • Vinocap (wine tourism exhibition to discover the wines of the department) – Port du Cap d’Agde
  • La Folie Deuch’ – Agde and Marseillan


  • Fireworks Festival- Agde, Naturist Village, Port, Tamarissière, Fort Brescou…
  • Shows on the floating stage – Agde


  • La Grande Braderie des commerçants – Port du Cap d’Agde
  • Brescoudos (Harley and Goldwing gathering)
  • Meeting Cox – Cap d’Agde
  • Cap Rétro (cars, motorcycles, boats) – Cap d’Agde


  • Autumn Boat Show – Cap d’Agde
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