Our campsites with our eco-chic values

“Much more than a passing fad, our eco-chic campsites are a genuine response to the demanding expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s holidaymakers.

Our campsites offer an art of living that goes far beyond the simple demands of the sea and the sun. It’s a real luxury to immerse yourself in a natural, peaceful space where you can enjoy a change of scenery, far from everyday life and urban stress.

Cottage Parks campsites are fully committed to the philosophy of sustainable development thanks to their various eco-responsible actions and landscaping in harmony with the geographical location of the sites.”

The art of livingeco-chic

Discover the essence of camping at Cottage Parks

At Cottage Parks, each campsite is independent and retains its own personality and identity; and all are united around the eco-chic art of living based on :

Reconnecting with nature

Admiration for the beauty of nature is what drives us. Our ecofriendly campsites have chosen to develop in harmony with nature, and we invite you to contemplate it. Spacious, tree-lined terraces let you enjoy the outdoors in all seasons. Forget the famous plastic chairs and tables on a mini terrace, here your terrace will be as big as your cottage, the most beautiful room in the house!

Intergenerational reunions

Cottages parks campsites offer an ideal setting for family vacations and intergenerational get-togethers, thanks to their spacious, high-capacity accommodation and a wide range of services and activities to suit all tastes and ages. Pedestrian areas make life safer for children, who are free to play in the alleys with their new vacation friends.

Our neighborhood ambiences are designed to suit all types of stay: relaxing and cocooning, family, festive, etc… Our accommodation facilities can be adapted to suit your desires: plancha, bed, hammock, neighborhood or private swimming pool, jacuzzi. Something for everyone!

The quest for physical and spiritual well-being

Particular care is given to the trendy, bohemian decor of the convivial areas and accommodation. But also for terraces and exteriors, with designs that are both beautiful and comfortable. Most of our campsites offer sports activities and/or yoga to help you unwind and get back into shape, both physically and mentally.

Spotlighting the terroir

A love of the region and the desire to help people discover it is also a driving force: wines and spirits, typical dishes, museums, activities, visits… the Cottage Parks teams in the regions are the best ambassadors for their territory. They’ll be proud and happy to help you explore it.

Our valuesCottage Parks

Explore our network of eco-chic campsites

The Cottage Parks network draws its strength from its founding values, shared by all its eco-chic partner campsites:

The family

The joy of family reunions in a place that welcomes all families, large or small, in search of calm or adventure, activity or relaxation.

The art of eco-chic living

An art of living based on the quest for comfort and well-being, both physical and mental, as close as possible to nature and the beauty of the French territories.

Environmental commitment

Concrete eco-responsible actions are carried out on a daily basis, and new ones are implemented regularly. There are things that are visible to holidaymakers during their stay (solar panels, waste sorting, drip irrigation…) and then there are all the behind-the-scenes actions, which are even more numerous and just as important: favouring second-hand furniture, choosing electric vehicles, making holes in fences to let animals through…

The service

We are constantly striving to offer our guests even more useful services. Every year, feedback from the previous season is used to plan and launch new improvements: infrastructure, equipment, organization, new accommodation…

The human

To offer our customers the vacation of their dreams, we rely on our teams, made up of men and women who work together to achieve a common goal: customer satisfaction. This is at the heart of all our concerns.