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The strength of the Cottage Parks network, while remaining 100% independent.
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In a nutshell,what we offer

Plus Cottage Parks

  • 100% independence and freedom
  • No entrance fee. No subscription.
    Only a fair and equitable commission on bookings made via our platform.
  • Simplified management of your accommodation and reservations
  • Experts to support you in your approach and development
  • Do you share our values?
  • Are you taking concrete ecological action at your facility?
  • Is customer satisfaction at the heart of your concerns?
  • Would you like to join the Cottage Parks network or simply find out more?
  • Contact us via the form below without delay. We look forward to
    to chat with you!

We’re just at the beginning of this great adventure. Come and experience it with us, and take part in the ecological metamorphosis of the outdoor hospitality sector.

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