Long stays in cottage parks campsites

Ah, the vacations! This essential, long-awaited time to rest, recharge our batteries, explore new horizons, enjoy moments of conviviality with loved ones… in short, to make the most of life.

Opting for a long stay means treating yourself to the luxury of time. When you opt for a long camping holiday, you have time to soak up the local culture, explore the picturesque trails, and be inspired by the diversity of France’s regions. Whether you’re a gastronomy enthusiast, a fervent defender of biodiversity, an active sportsman, a family looking for fun or a couple looking for a cocooning break, every day offers a new opportunity to discover and enjoy.

Explore our selection of eco-chic campsites in France, their privileged location, their commitments, their accommodation, facilities and services to find your ideal camping vacation rental.

Cheap dream destinations: our selection of campsites in France

When we think of travel and vacations, we think of faraway lands, yet France abounds with exceptional natural sites, charming towns and villages, a rich terroir and a plethora of activities and entertainment. Our eco-chic campsites invite you to discover our beautiful country.

If you’re looking for a cheap vacation, a camping trip is always a good idea! Today’s campsites, with their modern, spacious accommodation, superb facilities dedicated to your comfort and entertainment, and popular entertainment programs, meet the demanding expectations of all holidaymakers.
To prepare your next camping vacation in the best possible way, explore our selection now to get a feel for the different offers and get away cheap. Let us surprise you with heavenly aquatic spaces, unusual accommodation, luxurious facilities, unforgettable shows…

A campsite with entertainment and activities for all: the best for a successful vacation

Opt for a camping vacation that’s sure to delight the whole family, thanks to a multitude of daytime and evening activities to suit all tastes and ages. At a campsite with entertainment, there’s never a dull moment!

Some of our campsites have kids’ and teens’ clubs that will delight children and parents alike. First and foremost, the children will meet other young holidaymakers from all walks of life, and take part in a variety of games and fun workshops on the theme of ecology. And parents, of course, who can enjoy well-deserved moments of relaxation with peace of mind.

Live the eco-chic experience to the full

With a long-term stay of one or more weeks, you’ll enjoy the luxury of total immersion in sustainable luxury: the art of eco-chic living. Our proposals for long stays in eco-chic campsites in France are the key to opening the doors to an exceptional experience.

Our eco-chic accommodations are designed to incorporate modern comforts while respecting the planet. Live in refined eco-lodges or elegant safari tents, where every detail is designed to minimize environmental impact without sacrificing luxury. Long stays offer the opportunity to adopt an eco-responsible lifestyle without sacrificing quality.

Book your long stay in an eco-chic campsite today

Long stays at eco-chic campsites offer much more than just accommodation. It’s an invitation to slow down, reflect and live in symbiosis with nature. Enjoy the freedom to create your own rhythm, whether it’s taking time to meditate at sunrise or sharing convivial moments around a campfire in the evening.

Prepare yourself for an experience where time is not a limiting factor, but a precious resource to be savored. Book your long eco-chic camping holiday in France today and treat yourself to a unique adventure, where sustainable luxury meets authenticity, and where every day becomes a new page in your own travel story.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a sports fan, or simply looking to relax, Cottage Parks offers you the chance to tailor your camping holiday to your preferences. Your eco-responsible camping vacation is waiting for you, book a campsite today thanks to our smooth and secure platform.

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