Preparing your vacation 2024 opt for an eco-responsible stay at an eco-chic campsite

The year 2024 is a new opportunity to get away from it all, discover new horizons and create unforgettable memories with family and friends. As you plan your vacation this year, why not opt for an eco-responsible stay at an eco-friendly campsite in France? It’s a great way to enjoy a vacation in harmony with nature, while helping to preserve the environment.

Why choose an eco-friendly campsite
for your 2024 vacation?

Eco-friendly campsites offer a unique travel experience focused on sustainability and respect for the environment. Here are some reasons why you should consider staying at an eco-friendly campsite for your 2024 vacation:

1respect for the environment

Ecological campsites implement environmentally-friendly practices such as sustainable water management, renewable energy use, waste recycling and biodiversity preservation. By choosing an eco-friendly campsite, you’re helping to protect nature and combat climate change.

2Authentic experience

Staying at an eco-friendly campsite lets you reconnect with nature and enjoy an authentic travel experience. Whether you prefer camping in a tent, a caravan or a top-of-the-range cottage, you’ll have the opportunity to take full advantage of the natural landscapes, outdoor activities and tranquillity offered by these establishments.

3Outdoor activities

Eco-friendly campsites often offer a range of outdoor activities for all ages and tastes. From hiking and biking to wildlife observation, yoga and guided excursions, and campground entertainment, there’s always something to do at an eco-friendly campground.

4Support for local economies

By choosing to stay at an eco-friendly campsite, you support local economies and contribute to the sustainable development of surrounding communities. Many eco-friendly campsites source local produce, support local artisans and play an active role in the region’s economic and social life.

How to plan your 2024 vacation at an eco-friendly campsite?


All the campsites available on the platform have been selected for their concrete environmental commitments and their eco-chic atmosphere combining nature and comfort. In addition to these guaranteed criteria, you can find your ideal campsite based on its geographical location, the types of accommodation on offer, the level of service provided to holidaymakers and the facilities available on site…

2Book in advance

Eco-friendly campsites can be very popular, especially during the high season. To avoid disappointment, remember to book your stay in advance, taking into account your travel dates and accommodation preferences.

3Prepare your equipment

If you’re planning to camp in a tent or caravan, make sure you have all the equipment you need for a comfortable stay in the great outdoors. Don’t forget sleeping bags, tents, flashlights, cooking utensils and other essential equipment.

4Draw up an activity plan

Before you leave, take the time to draw up an activity plan for your 2024 vacation. Whether you want to explore nature, relax on the beach or go on an adventure, make sure you have a list of activities to do during your stay at the eco-friendly campsite. On site, the campsite teams will be happy to advise you on how to immerse yourself in the region.

5Be environmentally friendly

During your stay at our eco-friendly campsite, make sure you behave in an environmentally-friendly way. Save water, reduce waste, participate in waste sorting, respect local flora and fauna and take part in the campsite’s nature conservation initiatives.

By planning your 2024 vacation at an eco-friendly campsite, you can enjoy an enriching travel experience while helping to protect the environment. So why not choose an eco-responsible holiday for your next vacation? Make your choice of eco-chic campsite now.