Restaurants in our eco-chic campsites

Choosing a campsite with a restaurant for your next vacation in France means choosing comfort and conviviality. Explore our selection of campsites with restaurant facilities and make your choice for a successful, gourmet vacation.

As part of their eco-friendly commitment, Cottage Parks eco-chic campsites give priority to local, seasonal products in their restaurants, bars, snack bars and grocery stores. You’re in for a treat…

The advantages of a campsitewith catering facilities
The Catering areaof Cottage Parks campsites

Each campsite is independent. So, before choosing your campsite, check whether it has a catering area and what it consists of. We generally find :

  • A campsite restaurant offering on-site and takeaway meals
  • A camping snack bar for quick meals during the day and evening
  • An ice cream parlour for hot summer days
  • A camping grocery store for basic necessities
  • A camping bar for festive occasions

Find your camping rental with restaurant on Cottage Parks

Cottage Parks invites you to enjoy an unforgettable camping experience at its eco-friendly campsites in France. Many of them offer complete catering facilities to meet holidaymakers’ needs for comfort, convenience and conviviality. Don’t hesitate to check before booking your next eco-chic camping vacation in France via