Campsites in Pays de la Loire

Travel in Pays de la Loirelandscape, traditions…
A vast nature
A rich heritage
Strong traditions

The Pays de la Loire region, ideal for camping

Discover the tranquility of the banks of the Loire in Nantes, where an eco-responsible mobile home offers peaceful evenings to the soothing rhythm of the river. Choose an eco-chic stay in a campsite near the Brière regional nature park, between canals and marshes, for an immersive experience in the heart of nature.

Let yourself be charmed by an eco-friendly adventure along the Atlantic coast, with its unspoilt beaches, wild islands and exceptional natural parks. With Cottageparks, explore a variety of eco-responsible campsites in the Pays de la Loire region, offering a full range of sustainable activities, from ethical fishing and eco-swimming to riverside relaxation and electric canoe exploration.

Book your ecological campsite in Pays de la Loire

For nature lovers, discover the region’s valleys and nature parks with our Cottageparks project: the Loire-Anjou-Touraine regional nature park, the Normandie-Maine regional nature park, the Bercé forest… Enjoy an eco-chic camping holiday in the heart of nature, where tranquility is intertwined with eco-sensitive walks, sustainable water activities like electric paddling, eco-respectful hiking, or electric mountain biking. Relax in the campsite’s heated swimming pool, powered by renewable energies, and enjoy some eco-friendly fishing.

If you’re keen to explore castles and historic sites, opt for eco-responsible campsites in the heart of the Pays de la Loire’s cultural treasures. Explore the chateaux of the Loire, the vineyards of the Loire Valley, or the thousand-year-old abbeys while adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Choose campsites on the banks of the Sarthe to fully experience the region’s natural wealth while respecting the ecosystem, and discover picturesque villages, colorful markets, or hiking itineraries with an eco-tourist approach. Choose campsites in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional du Perche for eco-friendly walks, birdwatching outings or eco-responsible yoga sessions in harmony with nature. Whatever you’re looking for, Cottageparks eco-friendly campsites are the ideal solution for an environmentally-friendly vacation!

The Pays de la Loire, ecology and heritage

Lovers of a combination of nature and heritage will be delighted by the campsites in our Cottageparks initiative, which open the doors to the region’s most beautiful towns. Immerse yourself in the eco-sustainable life of Nantes, the city of the Dukes of Brittany, Angers, the medieval city, Le Mans, the Plantagenet City, or Saumur, the equestrian city.

Enjoy eco-conscious festivals, local markets, organic cafés, preserved monuments and eco-tourist museums in town, while the eco-responsible swimming pool, eco-responsible games and eco-responsible conviviality await you at the end of your day at the campsite.