Campsites in Brittany

Travel in Brittanylandscape, traditions…
A vast nature
A rich heritage
Strong traditions

Brittany, ideal for camping

With our Cottageparks Project, choose from a selection of eco-responsible campsites on several of Brittany’s waterways, offering a multitude of sustainable activities such as ethical fishing, ecological swimming, relaxing by the water, or exploring by electric canoe.

For sea lovers, explore Brittany’s unspoilt beaches with our quality Cottageparks Project: the eco-certified beach of La Baule, the natural beach of Carnac, the unspoilt beach of Saint-Malo, the wild beach of La Torche, the authentic beach of Quiberon, the elegant beach of Dinard… Enjoy a stay in an eco-chic campsite by the sea, where calm blends with eco-sensitive strolls, sustainable nautical activities such as eco-friendly sailing, eco-friendly surfing, eco-conscious paddleboarding, ecological diving, not forgetting the campsite’s heated swimming pool powered by renewable energy, relaxation on the unspoilt beach, and eco-responsible fishing.

Book your ecological campsite in Brittany

If you feel the call of the legendary, unspoilt land, choose an eco-responsible campsite in the heart of the Armorique Regional Nature Park. Explore the Montagnes Noires, the Monts d’Arrée, or the Presqu’île de Crozon by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Choose campsites in the Gulf of Morbihan to fully experience the region’s maritime riches while respecting the ecosystem, and discover the islands of Belle-Île-en-Mer, Île aux Moines, or Île d’Arz with an eco-tourism approach. Choose campsites on the Côte Sauvage to surf unspoilt waves, practice kite-surfing in harmony with nature, or explore the eco-friendly meanders of the Vallée des Saints. Whatever you’re looking for, Cottageparks’ eco-friendly campsites are the ideal solution for an environmentally-friendly vacation!

Brittany, ecology and heritage

Lovers of nature and the ocean will be delighted to discover the campsites in our Cottageparks Project, which open the doors to the region’s most beautiful eco-committed towns. Immerse yourself in the eco-sustainable life of Rennes, the corsair city of Saint-Malo, the picturesque eco-friendly town of Vannes, or the cultural eco-responsible town of Quimper.

In town, take advantage of eco-conscious festivals, local markets, organic crêperies, preserved monuments and eco-tourist museums to occupy your days, while the eco-responsible swimming pool, eco-responsible Breton games and eco-responsible conviviality await you at the end of your day at the campsite.