Eco-responsible vacations how to choose an eco-friendly campsite for a sustainable holiday

Going on vacation is a chance to recharge your batteries, reconnect with nature and relax away from the hectic pace of everyday life. But did you know that your vacation choices can also have an impact on the environment? Opting for an eco-responsible vacation in France by staying at an eco-friendly campsite can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while making the most of your free time.

Why choose an eco-friendly campsite for your next vacation?

Ecological campsites, also known as sustainable or green campsites, are establishments that implement environmentally-friendly practices in their day-to-day management. These practices generally include reduced energy consumption, responsible water management, selective waste sorting, use of sustainable materials, promotion of local tourism and local producers…

By choosing to stay at an eco-friendly campsite, you not only support efforts to preserve the environment, but also have the opportunity to enjoy a more authentic vacation experience, in harmony with nature. Cottage Parks eco-chic campsites don’t sacrifice comfort or quality of service for holidaymakers. The art of eco-chic living offers a perfect balance between sustainable tourism and modern comfort. Our campsites offer infrastructures and services dedicated to the well-being and entertainment of holidaymakers young and old: aquatic area, entertainment, mini-club, gym, yoga area, petanque pitch, multi-sports pitch…

How to choose the right eco-friendly campsite?

In line with your desire for a natural vacation and your eco-friendly commitments, choosing the perfect eco-friendly campsite can be a complicated task. Here are a few ideas of criteria to take into account in your search.

1Search for ecological certifications

Many eco-friendly campsites have been awarded official certifications attesting to their commitment to sustainability. Labels such as Green Key, European Ecolabel or La Clef Verte are reliable indicators of an establishment’s environmental commitment. Good to know: not all campsites apply for labels, deterred by the sometimes lengthy, complex and costly procedures involved. By booking on the Cottage Parks platform, you can be sure of staying at a campsite that has been selected for its strong, concrete commitment to the environment.

2Find out about the campsite’s environmental practices

Find out about the campsite’s environmental initiatives, such as recycling, water and energy management, the use of eco-friendly products and biodiversity preservation projects. Each campsite implements its own best practices according to its location, clientele, human and financial resources… Exploring the different actions will help you find the ecological campsite that best matches your convictions. This will give you some great ideas for your everyday life.

3Choose a location close to nature

Choose a campsite in an unspoilt environment, where you can enjoy nature to the full and support the local economy. Eco-friendly campsites located near nature parks, nature reserves or unspoilt beaches often offer unique, eco-friendly experiences.

4Pay close attention to the range of accommodation, services and leisure facilities on offer

Your choice of campsite should also meet the expectations of all the members of your family. At, you’ll find everything from small, traditional campsites to 4 or 5 star campsites with water parks, tree runs, entertainment, mini-clubs… The filters on the platform make it easier for you to make your choice, taking all these factors into account.

5Favour sustainable transport

If possible, choose sustainable means of transport to get to the campsite, such as carpooling, public transport or cycling. Reducing your carbon footprint right from the start of your trip helps make your vacation even more eco-responsible. You can also opt for a campsite that allows you to get around only on foot or with soft means of locomotion during your stay.

Enjoy an eco-responsible stay at an eco-friendly campsite

By choosing an eco-friendly campsite for your next vacation, you have the opportunity to enjoy a more environmentally-friendly travel experience while discovering magnificent, unspoilt destinations. Whether you’re an avid hiker, cyclist, kayaker or simply looking for peace and relaxation, eco-friendly campsites offer a multitude of outdoor activities to suit all tastes.

So why not choose an eco-responsible vacation for your next trip? Opting for an eco-friendly campsite means taking another step towards sustainable tourism and preserving the beauty of our planet for future generations.

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